GEA is an ongoing project which explores the harmonious intimacy and interrelation between the human kind and the universe, in an open and clear dialogue with Mother Earth and the whole cosmo outside and inside us.

Inspired by a Vimala Thakar lecture given in 1983 about life and living.
“Relating to the wholeness of live
We learn in the relationship with the earth, water, fire, skies. We learn from them and behave with them receptively, gently, decently. We have forgotten the magnificence of decency and the grace and gentleness that arrives with decency.
(…) But instead of learning we are interested in acquiring and grabbing. We go on hunting for teachers when the master and the teacher supreme is everywhere within us and around us.”

The relation between Nature and mankind has always been in a continuous change and redefinition through history. The necrophilic attempt of modern man today turns Nature as a pure object of exploitation, as an external spectator who witnesses a reality with which he has no connection with.

It is a vital matter today to rediscover the deepest sense of communion, the sense that we are all together, that we are all human beings, not divided, not broken up, not belonging to any particular group or race.

Through these images I explore a primordial but also possible future world, made of souls free to be, free from barriers and restrictions, in an honest dialogue with Life and open to learn from its wisdom that awakens our sensitivity.

Anno: 2020
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